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Debt Arrangement Schemes (DAS) - Scottish Debt Management

Debt Arrangement Scheme is a government run debt management scheme that is a boon for all those who are finding it difficult to pay off their debts. If you are unable to repay your loans, big or small because of sudden illness, unemployment or any other reason and are looking for some help, then this scheme is for you. This debt payment program provides a debtor extra time to pay off his debts. It also ensures that the creditors do not take any kind of legal action against them because they did not repay their debt.

During the program period, there is a freeze on the fees, interest and other charges for the unpaid amount. These charges are written off if the debtor pays off his dues. The creditor is bound by the DAS legislation if his debtors' debt payment program is approved. The time to repay and the amount that has to be repaid over the specified period of time depends on the amount of debt and the person's income. This statutory scheme that is run by the Scottish government helps debtors pay multiple debts.  Ilso makes it possible to repay their unmanageable debt in a dignified manner.

People Involved In The Scheme

Debtor, creditor, DAS approved money adviser, DAS administrator and payments distributor are the five people who are part of the Debt Arrangement Scheme. A debtor who wishes to benefit from this scheme will receive debt management advice from a money adviser. He will apply for this debt payment program on behalf of the debtor. If the debtor becomes eligible for benefits, the creditor to whom he owes money will have to agree to accept payments. The creditor will receive a specified amount. He will however have to freeze the fees, interest, charges and penalties that the debtor owes him. The DAS administrator approves of the debt payment program, the money advisers and the payments distributors and maintains a register with all the debt payment program details. The payment distributors approved by the administrator take the money collected from the debtor and give it to the creditors.

Benefits Of DAS

A debtor is offered advice on managing his debts and paying off his loans. He gets protection from court actions, loss of home and bankruptcy, and he gets extra time to repay his debts. He is required to make his regular payments to the payments distributor who in turn pays the creditors. The advice that advisers approved by DAS give is normally free. However, there are also money advisers who charge a certain fee. The approved money adviser assesses the income and expenditure of the debtor to prepare a repayment plan, and he oversees the entire debt payment program.

Assets accumulated over the years can be lost because of bad debts. With DAS, the loss of assets need not happen during sequestration. The debtor's assets are safe guarded and as long as the mortgage payments are paid, his home is also protected.


A debtor will be eligible for the debt payment program if he agrees to certain terms and conditions. He must make regular payments when they are due, and he must not apply for more credit beyond what is allowed under the program. He must notify the money adviser of any change in his capacity to repay the loan amount and must produce all the relevant documents the money adviser requests. The debtor must also be willing to sell certain assets that are deemed 'non-essential'.

A debtor has to agree to the discretionary conditions laid down by the DAS administrator to get approval for the best payment plan. The debtor can appeal and request that the sheriff's office review his case. He can make a single appeal; however, if the sheriff upholds the conditions, then he has to accept them to qualify for the program.

Essential, Non-Essential Assets

The essential assets that need not be sold to make repayment include clothing, medial aids and medical equipment, tools of trade, books and equipment needed to practice a profession or for education and training. These however should not exceed £1,000. The money adviser makes a detailed study of all assets and decides on the non-essential assets than can be sold. Additional cars and second homes are considered non-essential assets.

There are reliable online sites that provide all the information you need to know about the scheme. You can contact Debt Arrangement Scheme consultants to advise you, tell you about the available options and help you apply for DPP.

Write Off Unaffordable Debts

Entering into Scottish Trust Deed will allow you to write off unaffordable unsecured debts leaving you a clean slate and a brighter future to look forward to. There are some debts that cannot be written off. Click here* for more information on the limitations.

Relief From Debt Pressure

Unlike an IVA which can lasts for a minimum of 60 months, the minimum time to complete a Scottish Trust Deed is 48 months (4 years) meaning you will be free from the pressures of debt quicker.

Legislated Debt Solution

Trust Deeds are a legislated debt solution, which unlike debt management, means as long as you keep up the arranged repayment plan, you can return to a more stable financial position in life and start to plan for a brighter future.


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